Royal Tartan Enameled Charger Set (4pk)

Royal Tartan Enameled Charger Set (4pk)



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SKU: R20-MLT-C14_E-4

Our Charger Plates are designed to add style and design to your dinner table. Charger plates enhance your presentation with added layers for depth along with both traditional and colorful, fun artistic patterns.

Our Charger Plates are crafted with a high-quality metal base and then artistic patterns and designs are skillfully applied by hand. Each plate is trimmed with lavish gold detail and finished with a protective coat to prevent wear. With a diverse range of captivating prints and colors, charger plates provide the perfect touch to elevate your dining or hosting experience. Adding layers including plates, napkins and napkin rings for a table setting that will wow your guests.

Our Charger Plates and Chargettes are created from a high quality metal foundation. Pattern and color are applied to each piece individually and followed by a protective coating to offer you many years of enjoyment. Clean each plate after use to remove anything which may have spilled onto them. Use only water and a soft cloth to carefully hand wash and dry. Do not use any chemicals.

Our Chargers are designed to comfortably create a base for an additional layer of plates for a fun, yet functional, table setting. Carefully placed art and laser details on each piece are measure so that the perfect amount of color and pattern peek out to add a beautiful frame to your place setting.

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