About Us

At Jaye’s Studio, we are passionate about what we do! We love our customers and want to bring happiness to their lives, one piece at a time. Our goal is to take the traditional art of tole and make it usable and fun so that our customers can bring our beautiful products into their homes and their lifestyles, as well as gift them to their friends and family. Our unique designs and fun bright colors are what we are all about. 
My wife Aditi and I, along with our fantastic and diverse team, work every day to make the art of gift-giving easier, more fun, and personable. Our vision is to make an extraordinary contribution to decorating our customers’ homes and lifestyles while offering an excellent customer experience. In the age of gift cards, social media, and cell phones we are a company of people who love making others happy. Each Jaye’s Studio piece follows an extraordinary path of translating creativity into something unique you can hold and love. 
We want to be a part of your life while you decorate, entertain, and create memorable moments. We look forward to being there as you make many more!
Thank you for supporting us and continuing to celebrate our family dream~
Lalan & Aditi


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