Bee Stake (12pk)

Bee Stake (12pk)

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Floral Stakes are the necessary addition to every flower and plant display that you give as a gift plus to add the finishing touch to your own arrangements. Our unique designs provide an added ambience to your beautiful fig tree in the living room as well as your blooming plants on your dining table and sun porch. Show that you understand the difference is in the details when you adorn your potted plants and trees with these hand-carved beauties.

The detailed, hand-carved ornamentation on each floral stake will be the final touch to enhance every floral display in your home. Indivdually cast stakes have a pointed edge to guide the stake easily into the potted plant or tree. Each floral stake is finished with our signature metallic gold color to add a sophisticated touch of class to greenery and colorful blooms. A protective coating will allow for the stakes to be enjoyed time and time again.

Each individual floral stake is approx 8" in length. This length allows for the stake to be placed into the soil comfortably and to hold it into the position of your choosing. You may wish for the themed detail of your Floral Stake to stand tall and beam with pride, front and center or rather peek out of the lush leaves and florals.

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