Shanghai Double-Sided Swizzle Stick (24pk)

Shanghai Double-Sided Swizzle Stick (24pk)

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Swizzle Sticks/Cocktail Stirrers are a celebrated part of every bar collection. Our unique designs provide an added ambience to your favorite cocktail. Impress your guests with your attention to detail at your next get together.

The sleek design and detailed ornamentation on each Swizzle Stick/Cocktail Stirrer will enhance the experience and delight your guests at all of your future gatherings. Indivdually cast sticks have our signature metallic gold color and are food safe.

Each individual Swizzle Stick/Cocktail Stirrer is approx 8" in length. This length allows for the stirrer to be used with high ball, or tall, drinks as well as a wide range of other glass sizes.

Our Swizzle Sticks are easy to clean and maintain by using only water and a soft cloth. Add any one of our Swizzle Stick designs to a cocktail of your choice for the perfect amount of mixing and fun.

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